Russian Pod- Stories from Russia


August 29, 2020 Season 3 Episode 5
Russian Pod- Stories from Russia
Show Notes

Hosts discuss Russian Eurovision participants over the years- including creepy sisters,  babushkas with a dancing oven, Dima Bilan, and Dima Bilan again. Learn about Russian's successes and failures at the beloved (by some) European music contest.
Links to the Eurovision performances discussed in this episode:

Alsou, 2000

Olsen Brothers (winners of the year 2000) 

TaTu, 2003

Dima Bilan, 2006

Dima Bilan, again, 2008

Buranovskiye Babushki, 2012
Lordi, Winner of 2012

Dina Garipova, 2013 

Tolmachevy Sisters, 2014

Polina Gagarina, 2015

Sergey Lazarev, 2016

Sergey Lazarev, 2019

Little Big, 2020

Serduchka, Ukraine Submission, 2007